#KoalaVirus - Time to spread some Kindness

What is the KoalaVirus?

It’s your commitment to oneness during a time of separation

There are a lot of scared people out there right now, as the Coronavirus travels across our Earth. It’s affected us all, in some way.  Even if we don’t get sick from it, everyone has experienced disruption from government quarantines. 

Now is the time to spread another kind of virus—one we call the KoalaVirus.  Instead of spreading sickness, the KoalaVirus is meant to infect others with KINDNESS.

How does the KoalaVirus get spread?

Make someone smile!  Be creative!

Be creative!
  • Write a haiku for a friend that’s scared.
  • Send an uplifting meme to that uncle that puzzles the rest of the family.
  • Send a bouquet of virtual roses to the sister you argued with last week.
  • Send a pizza to a reclusive neighbor.
  • Send gift cards to the staff at a health-care facility.

The purpose is to remind people that we’re all in this together.  People forget that a lot.

What’s with the #KoalaVirus hashtag?

Spread kindness & love

When you use the #KoalaVirus hashtag, you support the spread of KINDNESS.

Plus, the hashtag allows us to collect data for our “kindness curve.”  

Let’s show how fast good things can spread!

Why is it called the KoalaVirus?

Koala on the tree

The koala clings to the tree and lives a symbiotic relationship with it.

Koalas are a symbol of connection and nurturing, and they care for members of their tribe. They hang on!

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